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Participants will join a multi-disciplinary team at UCF to engage in hands-on research training. Each participant will partner with a faculty mentor and graduate student to address a specific research topic over the summer. Participants will be matched to projects based on their stated interests and match with potential mentors.

Continuum-Level Life Prediction of Materials under Combined Extreme Environments
Ali P. Gordon | Mechanics of Materials Research Group | Project Poster

Damping of Anisotropic Composite Structures Under Extreme Multi-Axial Mechanical and Thermal Loads
Jeffrey L. Kauffman | Structural Dynamics and Adaptive Structures Lab | Project Poster

Evaluation of CFD Models for Solid-Propellant Rocket-Exhaust Modeling
Michael P. Kinzel | Computational Fluids and Aerodynamics Lab | Project Poster

Atmospheric Entry, Descent and Landing (EDL) for Manned Mars Missions
Tarek A. Elgohary | Astrodynamics and Space Robotics Lab | Project Poster

Non-Invasive Inspection of High-Temperature Coatings
Seetha Raghavan | Raghavan Research Group | Project Poster

Transpiration Cooling for Turbine Blades as Enabled by Additive Manufacturing — The “Holy Grail” for Cooling of Hot Section Components by Coolant Film
Jayanta Kapat | Center for Advanced Turbomachinery and Energy Research | Project Poster

Additive Manufacturing of Ceramic Turbine Blades
Dazhong Wu | Intelligent Systems Lab | Project Poster

Fundamental Combustion Studies of Renewable Fuels for Hypersonic Propulsion and Rocket Engines
Subith VasuVasu Lab | Project Poster

Uncertainty Quantification and Massive Computing in Prognosis and Fleet Health Management
Felipe A. C. VianaProbabilistic Mechanics Lab | Project Poster

Flame Diagnostics Using an Advanced 3D Tomographic Optical Technique
Kareem Ahmed | Propulsion and Energy Research Laboratory | Project Poster

3D-Woven Polymer-Derived All-Oxide Ceramic Matrix Composites
Jihua Gou | Composite Materials and Structures Lab | Project Poster